What if the hotel kept your bond because of a negative review


Whether you use a small boutique or a big name service for your wedding, you want the product to be great. You want it to be fantastic for your wedding day. It’s taken you long enough to choose them so you need be confident they will deliver. But what happens when say, a venue who didn’t offer you a good service (let alone a great service) decides that it will keep your deposit because you put a bad review on their website. This is exactly what happened to The Union Street Guest House in New York.

If you have paid a lot of money for a service or item then you should be able to say how you feel even if it is a negative review. It may have been a mishap! But most vendors want to give you the best possible service that they can. Sometimes, things happen and most times it’s during a wedding. I saw a news item on the local channel where a photographer had his car stolen with all the equipment and backup storage from the cameras in the one place. The couple were devastated because it contained the whole wedding ceremony, the family group photos and this was the last shoot before heading to back to the reception.

The trick is to make absolutely sure you have written instructions for everything and anything. I like to have everything to be close to perfect as possible so I have many lists ~ maybe this is a bit extreme but when you are catering to 300 people then you need to make sure everyone is going to have a good time. Make sure you communicate with all your vendors and if you haven’t met them face to face at some point then do so before the wedding. You want to hear a voice and you definitely want to meet the person so you don’t loose your money.

But if a vendor thinks that they can control negative reviews about them, because their service is terrible, then it is up to them to listen, understand why you are so angry and deal with the matter on a personal level. But fining you about a negative review of their service which is actually a deposit you are supposed to get back when all is finish, it’s outrageous! Negative reviews are all about feedback. Reviews often can help the vendor work out where there are problems and how they can fix it. Vendors should be looking after their customers and you want them to come back again and for them to tell their friends.

What would you do if a venue kept your money for a negative review? Would love to hear how you would deal with this situation?

10 ways to create beautiful wedding decorations yourself with paper

It’s time to save money! And I am here to today to show you how to create 10 beautiful wedding decorations yourself with paper. When you create beautiful wedding decorations, they are often the most time consuming of weddings or celebrations! I often find it good to think of a theme. Hence it does help to connect it with the food, decorations and style. It could be a colour theme, or different styles like vintage or chic that sets the atmosphere for your beautiful wedding.

One of the many difficult tasks is using unique ways to decorate your wedding reception or ceremony with beautiful decorations that you can do yourself. These are my top ten ways that you can create beautiful wedding decorations yourself without breaking the bank.

1. Tablecloth Place Names
These would be very easy to do but rather than use any cheap paper I would suggest to get good quality brown kraft paper ~especially recycled if possible. Most of all you don’t want your paper to rip during the process of putting it on the table or drawing on it. You will need to make sure you get each name correctly spelled. If you aren’t too worried about where people sit then you could easily put their names around the candles in a nice design.tablecloth Placenames

Photo: http://weddingcolors.net/whimsical-branches-paper-diy-wedding-inspiration.html

2. Chair Place Cards
I love the idea of place cards hanging off chairs. It probably means that you have more room on your tables and consequently at the end of the day, you could take it home and and use it as a decoration yourself. These ones are just so beautifully designed and lasercut. I am going to make a foiled version of these including ones that you can use for your guests.

chair placecards

3. Paper Doily Strings
These paper doilies would make a beautiful backdrop and be very easy to make. Just make sure you have plenty of paper doilies and matching coloured string or yarn.
strings of paper doiliesPhoto: Weddingcolors
Go here to create: http://weddingcolors.net/whimsical-branches-paper-diy-wedding-inspiration.html

4. Push Pop Confetti
push pop confettiWhat about making your own push pops confetti? Head on over to Sarah Johnson’s website which she tells you exactly how to make these beautiful push pops. Photo:Sarahjohnson
Go here to create: http://thesarahjohnson.com/2016/02/22/how-to-diy-confetti-poppers/

5. Make beautiful watercolor escort cards

At Bride to Be website, they teach you how to make these beautiful escort cards with a watercolours with some  beautiful calligraphy writing.
Photo: Brides-to-be.com
Go here to create: http://www.bridetobe.com.au/article/styling-wedding-diy-diy-stationery-watercolour-escort-cards

6. Creating your own beautiful calligraphy aisle runner/backdrop
calligraphy isle runner
To create this, you need a roll of kraft paper, a paint brush or fairly thick marker and a long ruler or piece of card as a guide to keeping it straight.

7.Make your own photo booth props!

Photo booth props and fun and just add a little bit humour to your photos. Something Turquoise has got these simple but cute photo props tutorial.
Photo: Something Turquoise
Go here to create: http://somethingturquoise.com/2015/02/10/diy-free-photo-booth-stick-props/

8. Make your own floral wreath Banner
printable-wedding-floral-banner-2-400x400How cute are these banner images? Create this beautiful wedding decoration made for paper from Chicfetti has this personal use downloadable banner. Make sure you have a good card stock and put your printer settings on the highest quality print.
Photo: chicfetti.com
Go to here to create: http://chicfetti.com/weddings/printable/floral-wreath-banner-in-4-colors/

9. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Photo: https://kcyouthere.wordpress.com
Go here to create beautiful wedding decorations: diy-tissue-paper-pom-poms/
hese look so simple to make and you can make them in tissue or very light recycled paper. I get mine from planetwisepaper in Tasmania and it is all recycled.

10. Paper Birds First Wedding Anniversary

Paper Wedding BirdsMy paper birds are a little more difficult to make but the end result can be beautiful. They are great for the top of your cake or as a beautiful wedding decoration for your table. You can email me with colours and I can email you a flat pack of these birds to you to make yourself. You just need a glue gun and a little patience. P.S. Most of the time I sell them pre-made but I can sell them as a flat pack ~ Send me an email or click here!

Hopefully you have a little fun while you are creating your decorations, because you will get to save money and be able to spend it other things important to you on your wedding day.

I would love to hear if you will be making or did you create your own wedding decorations? Leave a comment below

How to Make Your Own wedding Invitations

A wedding can be pretty expensive even if keep your head count to a minimum and reduce the drinks list that people can have. You might break with tradition and do a breakfast wedding on a day other than Saturday. Invitations, RSVP’s, Maps and Stamps can certainly add to that expense especially where they can not be used again or resold like the wedding dresses and outfits for your wedding day. Invitations are pretty simple when you know how so I’m here to show you a few options of how to make your own wedding invitations.

One cool way is to approach a local artist in your area and get the artist to do a one off design that is very unique. Then you can decide to get it printed professionally or use your home printer which can still produce some amazing stuff. The settings just need to be adjusted and you can spray them with a waterproof spray. A lady I met at wedding expo had got Hayley Gillespie to create her wedding design and then I just added text and we printed everything out on recycled paper.

But what if you can get a design for free.

The lovely people at popsugar have put together how to make your own wedding invitations 72 different ways for free.

cheapeats thrifty47-free-wedding-printables

Here is another 47 wedding invitation templates for you from cheap eats & thrifty crafts.

Offbeat bride %0+ wedding printables

Offbeat Bride shows you 50+ free wedding printables and some of them are so adorable.

Making your own wedding invitations is not hard. Take your time to find a design that you and your partner like. read the terms and agreement on how you can use a free template. Most household printers can print a nice quality ink on card. I like to use thick stock but this is something else you will have to think about. Most importantly, make sure your settings for your printing are the highest quality you can so make sure you have more than enough card or stock do test runs. Then you will have the decision whether to use an envelope or not?

Norie work space….

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Norie's-workbenchToday I wanted to share my work space and some of the tools that I like to use to help me with my business ~ Pritee Penee.

I use and old mac that I have had for years and it has never given me any trouble. Ever since I saw the first Mac in colour at art college, I was wowed by what it could do for artists and how visually appealing it was. Windows followed suite becoming more visual. Attached is my drawing tablet that I have had for over 6 years and unchains me from a mouse. I haven’t used a mouse for the last 10 years and often when I have to use one I feel uncoordinated. In my work space, I have always used a Canon printer that includes a scanner. A couple of years ago, I still couldn’t understand why the Fax was still being sold as it wasted sooo much paper. The Canon also scans my drawings into illustrator or photoshop so I can get cleaner lines and better designs for you to create. I have a giant cutting mat and I use a scalpel and steel ruler to create BIG giant flowers, sculptures and intricate designs for personalisation.

I use a Lorna Jane diary which is just brilliant. It has all these goal setting pages, calendars, and a daily calendar for the week with a motivational quote. This week it is “Go to sleep with a dream, wake up with a purpose.” My blue book with the cat wasabi tape is my journal. Each week, I try to write every day but with my hand in a cast, it has made it very difficult for me to write, create and print with foil. I have a notepad that encourages me to brainstorm generate ideas. It’s called ‘The BIG ideas notepad’ made by Mary Kate McDevitt with Chronicle Books.

Norie's plastered arm

If you look next to the printer, that is the board I was breaking at the time at Thrive Time with the Mojo Master. I only fractured a small tiny bone at the base of my hand. A lot of people have asked me if I karate chopped it? No you hit it with the flat of your hand.

Seeing as I was going to have trouble with cutting my designs with a scalpel, I found this little gem on gumtree called a ScanNCut. Just magic! Scan in your design and then insert my coloured cardstock and then it cuts it for me.

I also use a aroma diffuser which is electric and uses water with oils. I love lemon myrtle but when I do a couple of shifts at The Green House Environment Shop, I have also come to love Ylang Ylang with Lemon Myrtle. The diffuser is great as it has two settings and automatically shuts off when the water is finished.

is my Nikon D5300 which my husband bought for me last Christmas. It produces some really beautiful photos. And I am just learning to make videos with it. If you are wondering about the photo frame with all little animal faces in it and the word ‘Extinct” ~ this from a beautiful paper animation that my daughter Rachael and I created under our business called Papermation Productions. You can also see our first production called Unusophobia. Both of our films got shortlisted in Tropfest but didn’t make it to the finals.


And lastly my precious asset is my Heidelberg Printer which only prints foils. It weighs 2.9 tonne and was difficult to learn but I got there. I can now print my designs beautifully with foil and every day producing unique pieces to sell.

What is your favourite asset in your work space that you love to use?

Australian Inspired Table Decoration

There is not a lot of originality that goes into Australian inspired table decorations. I only ever see flowers or candles in different variations of colours and arrangements on pretty wedding reception tables . I am not even sure that as an Australian I would know all the Australian native flowers that we could possibly use in this country as an australian inspired table decoration for you wedding.I know of wattle, banksia, sweetpea, kangaroo paw and proteas.  Gum leaves are also hugely popular!

Then sometimes your australian inspired table decorations can get a little commercialised with koalas, tim tams and swag hats. It can get quite cutesy with koala cupcakes or tim tams placed in creative piles as a centrepieces. You could just forget having an australian inspired wedding decoration and maybe incorporate the aussie decoration on the cake using lamingtons or using gum leaves incorporated into your napkin design.

But what if you want something very different that will have that WOW factor ~ how about making my paper design. I created a design for a celebration of the Cairns Regional Gallery 20th Birthday Gala Dinner. It was based on a beautiful Indigenous fascinator artist called Shirley Macnamarra who incorporated pieces from the land into these beautiful hand made fascinators.

My centrepiece was a design that was focused on the land and how the Indigenous culture has many beautiful elements to it, particularly the outback scenery. These are my spinning lamps which are made out of recycled cans and a wooden base that spin around with just a push of your finger. I used a string of lights to insert into each handmade lamp. When all the lights are turned out they looked amazing.

australian inspired wedding decoration

wedding table decoration

When you do cut my australian inspired table decoration design, make sure you cut it out of a thick white cardboard 250 – 300 gsm. and then find a very light weight paper that has some textured to it. I bought my from plantwisepaper in Tasmania as they have a beautiful selection. Paste your glue onto the thick white card and lay it onto the thin light recycled paper.

Get the design here!


When things go wrong for me ~ pretty much everything goes wrong!

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When things go wrong for me~ pretty much everything goes wrong. It started with the dishwasher!

The dishwasher started and then five minutes later ~ stopped and started blinking. Opening the door, I nearly had water spreading across the kitchen room floor. Three hour into the morning and then crickets~ the Internet went off!

Oh the internet! Great one minute , ropeable when you don’t have it.

I convinced myself this wasn’t going to phase me and that it would only be off for a couple of hours at the most! When it got to the next day then I realised I could be in trouble. Not only could I not access emails and my website, I couldn’t access banking. Then I reaIised I use a password site that you can save every password for everything so I wont forget ~ Lastpass is the one I use. Just brilliant when you can access it. Urgg! Suddenly having a password site that is useless! I freak out at this moment… So I try the personal hotspot with my mobile phone but that did not work. I am not sure whether my iphone was also having a meltdown but I did not have any outside communication even on whatsup app from my daughter in the states. Funny enough my husband who has an iphone 6 plus was fine at getting notification but no Internet. Strangely though, when I went into town to the little shop I shiftwork at, I could get all my apps to work.

I did not realise just how much I rely on having internet and use it for
* Banking,
* Connection with family through Whatsup, skype and facebook
* Connecting with my customers through facebook instagram, pinterest , email and my website
* Researching~ using a range of social media like Pinterest and the web
* Shopping for my family and furkids ~ my cat needs special dietary food because he gets crystals,
* And getting plates, dies, cardboard, books from suppliers.

While the internet has been non existent, I realise that I haven’t been making as much as I should have. It’s an eye opener! Because it is so hot here, I will put everything off that I have to do until late in the evening. By then, it’s time to pick up my husband, cook some dinner and then I feel exhausted from really not doing anything.

When Telstra (who my internet company calls ‘the provider’) decides to do something to their service and leave others and me without Internet for six days, you start to wonder how one company can have so much control. No matter what service you are dealing with, it is all about how they treat you throughout this ordeal.

The worst thing is I had another wedding expo here in Cairns and while I paid for my site, I needed to get signage, a table and chair, electricity as well as public liability insurance. (note to self~ don’t leave it till the last minute before organising these things).

And that is basically what I wanted to talk to you about. When you are organising your wedding or event and when things go wrong- it is a matter of thinking how you can fix it and not thinking OMG! This can’t be happening!!

What if the dress that you ordered doesn’t get here or doesn’t fit? Or it starts raining when you are having the ceremony in the gardens? What if suddenly the caterer pulls out? Have you got a back up plan?

This is my backup plan ~ I now am printing out my passwords and also trying to get ahead of my work so that if the internet goes down again, then I have a month of posts all ready to go?

To get me through this emotional turmoil, I listened to Adele’s 25 and sung my heart out to “Hello” while not caring if the neighbours could hear me…..

Started reading the new Harry Potter Book….

Thought about taking a calligraphy class but found you can get stamps like this one…

and wished I had a book mark like this cause this is exactly how I felt for most of the time…

Do you wing it? or do you have a backup plan for your wedding or special event? Leave a comment below…

Wedding Decoration Paper Cutting For You To Make!

wedding table decorations paper cutting 2016Celebrate your wedding in 2016 with a smile and my beautiful wedding decoration paper cut ! This is the year to bring your individuality. Naked cakes, gold decorations and long reception tables are the wedding trends for 2016, but you don’t have to conform to any trend predictions. You can bring out your very creative style that represents you. It’s about you ~ not anyone else’s ideas. Stand strong and hold onto having a wedding the way you want. While the ceremony is the most important, the reception is the time to eat and celebrate with the most important people in your life.

Wedding table decorations that don’t cost a considerable amount of money are hard to find. All I seem to find Pinterest are hundreds of photos of flowers and candles. I am sure that you would want to showcase your own individuality throughout your wedding event ~ particularly your reception. 2016 is the year for you to bring individuality to the table and use my wedding decoration paper cutting.
2016 paper art

While candle table decorations have dominated receptions for years, I thought I would see if I could create a 2016 paper cut wedding decoration that is elegant and beautiful. I hope you think so too. Use coloured card on white for the candle to show through and enhance that elegant feel.
A paper cut 2
paper cut 0
paper art for wedding table decoration
paper number 6

2016 I feel is going to be a great year to get married! Every where you look, there is a vast range of candle decorating adorning the reception tables. It takes some pretty special table decorating to make me stand up and look. Only a few like Preston Bailey make me fall off my chair but I think you can have also have that WOW factor. I have created for you a 2016 paper cut out that you can utilise in quite a few ways ~ make candle covers and use little battery operated tea lights inside ( I pasted the 2016 design individually on to pieces of paper and then wrap the around a glass jar), enlarge them to use for your photo booth.

I hope you stress less particularly if you are having your wedding this year. Use my simple one page organiser to get started. Finding beautiful things for your wedding can be costly and before too long the budget has blown out and you are left with a simple candle arrangement for your reception table. My 2016 design can be used on the bride and groom table or use for all the tables. What would be fabulous is if you put little battery operated tea lights and hung them up in the door entry way.If you like it or want to be really cheeky, ask me to make the rest of the numbers and then you can use them as table numbers. I will do it when 15 people have made a comment :)

Here are the pdf and the svg files for you:

Wedding Decoration Paper Cutting Files

paper art candle

8 Wedding Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

wedding mistakes you don't want to make

Every bride wants a perfect wedding day but with such a large celebration certain things will go wrong. When you decide on a wedding date to for the ceremony you want the perfect day. But mistakes do happen!

Over the years, after organising many important celebrations I have picked the most important eight mistakes that you should try to avoid or try not to make.

Having Embarressing Speeches On Your Wedding
1. Having Embarrassing Speeches
The speeches at the reception are pretty important and often people want to say important things to you and your partner. Sometimes you might get someone with a strong personality who could embarrass or make fun of you. So let’s try and take the stress out of unwanted surprises such as listing all your old boyfriends or those moments you don’t want your parents to know about. Ami from The Frisky has 5 Tips For Giving A Kick Ass Wedding Speech that has some excellent tips You can ask people to make a speech at your wedding with a time limit and give them plenty of notice to prepare ~ Read excellent tips about Who Should Make A Speech At Your Wedding blog post . Most importantly, nominate someone to read the speeches before your wedding day so it can be edited out. Lastly put a time limit on each speech so someone doesn’t hijack the moment.

Being Obsessively Involved In Your Wedding
2. Being Obsessively Involved
All I can say is delegate ~ delegate ~ and more delegating. Don’t do everything yourself! Sure you think in the end it will save you money but when you are still sewing a dress for your flower girl to wear or you are still writing out table names at the last hour then you will be too exhausted to enjoy the wedding. If you have quite a few people attending a sit down reception, get a caterer and a heap of young adults to serve alcohol and food. At one event, I was

  • Decorating the hall,
  • Making invitations
  • Organising and designing a cake,
  • Sewing outfits,
  • Hiring casual staff to serve,
  • Creating place names for everyone,
  • Organising the entertainment,
  • Picking up the food as well as table settings and
  • Meeting the ice cream machine and jukebox vendors.

There is only one of you but there are plenty of other people to help you even it if is other family members. Don’t be afraid to ask. Again try to keep everything simple as possible.Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Not Being a big enough diva on your wedding day
3. Not being a Diva!
I don’t recommend being a diva but there comes a time when you just need to put on your diva hat to make sure people don’t rip you off. At my wedding, the videographer lost the sound to my speech! He blamed the kids ~ my cousins and I thought he was telling me the truth. It was a pretty important speech as I talked about my mother who wasn’t there to celebrate one of the most special occasions in my life. I stupidly paid him for his job because I really wanted the footage and didn’t think I can negotiate. After I paid and watched it through I found out that he had substituted our wedding dance song for another. It was depressing as I had not hired a photographer to document the day but had hired him so we would have live footage of that time. I want you to stand up for your rights as a consumer. There are wedding specialists out there that don’t care whether they give great services and have no conscience about ripping you off. Guard your self as much as possible by paying half now and half later or writing a statement for them to sign. Try to get everything in writing including using emails and text messages. If a family member or friend is doing something for you with payment involved, get something in writing that you can use…these days even sending them a text asking if they are okay to make you cake with a particular flower theme and have asking them to sign off. I had a cake maker that didn’t want to make my wedding cake with roses but was willing to make me orchids. She told me roses would make the cake collapse. Unfortunately I didn’t disagree and be a diva about it!
These are my tips:

  • Read everything that is put in front of you or go over it together as a couple.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Try to negotiate as much as possible.
  • Organise a simple contract even if involves friends and family doing a service.
  • Check everything before you pay for it including photos and video footage.
  • Get copies of your contracts and receipts
  • Document everything! ~ Including taking photos of issues from the cake to wedding dress etc.
  • If they can’t deliver what you want ~ find someone who can!
  • And be a diva when you need to be!

Inviting total strangers to your wedding
4. Inviting Total Strangers!
This is probably my ultimate annoying thing for weddings. My family was very small but my husband’s family was HUGE! His father had seven other siblings and they all had children. I was looking at around the 300 that included my measly 25 people. Now, I did not mind about this amount as I knew most of them and had met them. But as I was making the invitations, I would get requests for my father in law for people I had not heard of. And as I asked, he hadn’t talked to them in quite a while. The other thing is when people bring along their new girlfriend/boyfriend that you haven’t catered for. Luckily we had it around Easter and everyone went away for that weekend so I only had a 150 guests. So I ask you to keep an eye on that invitation list and really invite the people that have meaning in your life to your wedding.
Not preparing to fed the mob, your families, friends and the dog at your wedding!
5. Not preparing to feed the mob, your families, friends and the dog!
It is better to order more food then you think you need. If you are getting it catered and they know what they are doing then they will cater more than enough. At one event, we did not have enough food to feed all of the people and while the party people were only supposed to take a small amount of special noodles, it is probably better to control it as best as you can. Sit down dinners are hard and even harder if you have people with dietary requirements. These days you can include a little check list on your invite to see if anyone needs this. If you live in Cairns, Australia then I would recommend Alfresco Catering who do an excellent job catering to your needs. The food was really tasty and was still hot the next day as he gives you these special warmers for the food. In Cairns, if you need to hire tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates,urns and cutlery ~ Underwood Party Hire is the place to go. They are brilliant as they delivered the day before and all we had to do was setup everything the next morning. You go online and check out everything they hire and prices.

Not being organised with your wedding preparations
6. Being Unorganised!
From the time that you have set that date, you need to get out a folder and start writing lists. Lists of vendors, guest list, food list, bridesmaid and grooms list with their sizes for outfits etc. Then you need to cross reference this with a diary or your calendar on your phone or ipad. Lastly set yourself a budget and try to stick to it. Be creative in getting what you want. Ask someone if they will help you and keep you on task.Figure out the major events first like

  • date of the wedding
  • venues for ceremony /reception
  • how many guests including family members
  • type of food ~ sit down or standing
  • outfits for the wedding party
  • and then a list for all the other stuff like speeches ~music ~ photos ~ special dances ~ getting to the wedding and a contingency plan if it rains.

Putting on your perfection personna
7. Being Obsessively Involved!
If you want the perfect wedding it is not going to happen if you are trying to control everything and everybody. When you hold on so tight you want to look over everyone’s shoulder, it will drive you to madness. Then, you will be a mess! When an issue comes up, do some deep breathe and work out whether you can modify the problem to still get what you want.

Is it still going to give a similar experience? Come to terms with imperfections like if the cake suddenly does a Leaning Tower of Pisa ~ there is not a lot you can do about it except make fun of it. It will still taste amazing! Make choices that are right for you so happy.

Not letting go of all the mistakes at your wedding
8.In the last hour you need to let it go!
When you are about to get dressed and your bridesmaid gets bright lip stick on your dress ~ try not to stress or get angry…it’s fixable by a little soap and water. When people are still ringing you up to tell you that you have four guests turning up that you haven’t invited ~ it’s fixable by not worrying about it. Ask them to deal with it. When you realise that there is a 95% chance that it might rain on your ceremony ~ tell yourself not to worry. There might be a covered area close by or your family and friends might be able to gather a heap of umbrellas. You can even plan to nominate a person to be the ‘fix it’ person.

At the end of the day your family and friends really want you to have a magical day together with love and laughter.

Are you ready to overcome anything that goes wrong on the day? Yes you can think positively and believe in that fairytale wedding.

And here are a few things to make you feel beautiful….
fkower earrings that decorate your ear

elegant shoes that can keep you dancing all night….

an interesting titanium wooden wedding ring….

and a great planning book that many brides have used…..

12 Unique Styles To Celebrate Your Wedding.

12 Unique Wedding Styles To Celebrate With12 Unique Wedding Styles To Celebrate Your Wedding

If I were to get married again, I wouldn’t wear white. My husband right now, would probably be asking if he was being replaced. No hubby you aren’t!

But I think I would definitely do it differently. So I have created 12 unique styles to celebrate your wedding with links to purchase or tutorials to make them. Each month has a special meaning to me so I wanted to turn it into a celebration of unique wedding styles.

Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

Chinese Wedding Ideas

My husband is Chinese and each year just as we celebrate New Year, we also celebrate Chinese New Year. Usually it is around Jan or February but I have picked January. In Hong Kong, not only are they having the white wedding but they also wear the tradition Chongsam and serve tea to the elders. I love the richness of the reds and gold that signifies wealth.

  1. Beautiful gold coloured iced with red chocolate symbols of the Chinese happiness symbol. Chocolate Happiness Mould
  2. A simple but elegant red and white wedding wedding cake.
  3. Use Beautiful Red and Gold foiled table numbers that will have your guests mesmerised. Foiled Place Cards
  4. Put your groom in a red jacket to make him stand out.
  5. Or get your husband some style with dragon styled shoes .
  6. You won’t find gold flowers at the florist so either make it or order it online here ~ Gold Flower Bouquet
  7. Setting your tables with gold decorated plates and cutlery ~ it will be a sophisticated joy to your guests.
  8. In Hong Kong they change outfits many times, why not start with the traditional shoes and cheongsam dress before you move onto your white wedding choice. Traditional Chinese Wedding Outfit
  9. Or don’t go traditional but a modern twist and wear a red and gold modern styled wedding dress.
  10. Design your wedding invitations with Gold and Red ~ don’t forget to include the happiness symbol. Gold Wedding Invitations.

Valentine Wedding Ideas

Hearts and Roses Valentine Styled Wedding Ideas

Aaaahh…Valentine’s Day! It’s all about love and hearts and everything is either pink or red. I just love it! Valentine’s day has so much meaning for me that I had to include it in my list. On Valentine’s Day my husband asked me to marry him….I told him I was having a baby and we usually celebrate our love each year by doing something very personal on this day.

  1. This pink tulle wedding dress is funky with patterned flowered material and tiny pink roses. I love that she is wearing a dark pink hat to add a bit of fun and style.
  2. Decorate each white table with petals and pink chocolate hearts. Roll up your pink serviettes and attach a rose to them with your guest’s name.
  3. You can make this heart centrepiece for each of your guest tables which would just look gorgeous.
  4. Your man will look dashing in a pale cream suit and pink roses in his lapel for the garden ceremony.
  5. Your bouquet doesn’t have to be just roses, find flowers that are still in your colour range and add a few bits of greenery to them. www.onewed.com/photos/show/red-pink-ivory-wedding-flowers-romantic-bridal-bouquet
  6. Try switching shoe styles! These beautiful pink flowered covered flats would go great under your beautiful tulle wedding dress and no one would know the difference. I think these are scarpe da sposa basse but only have found this link to AliExpress website showing the white ones.
  7. Create your invitations, place names, and thank you cards with a photo of flowers in a heart shape.
  8. Make your desserts in pink like these pink strawberry macaroons. Save money and get our girlfriends around to help you make a batch of these.
  9. While these flowers on this beautiful wedding cake are not roses, you could choose a combinations of pink flowers. This is a Christopher Garren Cake and you can see more of his work on his Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake facebook page.
  10. Why not create long tables with a similar décor ~ simple but beautiful.

Easter Wedding Ideas
Easter Wedding Ideas
Easter is another of my fun celebrations. I love this time of year because I love cooking Easter cakes or biscuits. It is also a great time to get married. I love an Easter wedding because this is the time of year that I got married. In sunny north Queensland where I live, the weather is great and you also get a long weekend that includes Easter Friday and Easter Monday. It gives everybody time to get to your wedding destination and time to get back without losing too much work time.

  1. Small baskets of edible eggs can be easily made as table decorations or as individual guests’ gifts.
  2. Get your cake maker to create a beautiful 3D flowers, fruits and leaves on your wedding cake.
  3. Make a calico inspired wedding cake with lots of colour and tiered so that you can take the top tier home for your 1st wedding anniversary.
  4. Create beautiful egg inspired table names for your Easter wedding.
  5. Why not get inspired to wear a floral print lace wedding dress by Novias De Espana . This one certainly makes a beautiful statement.
  6. Easter is so colourful so colour the groomsmen in a variety of colours even down to their shoelaces.
  7. I chose this coloured bridesmaid dress to compliment the bride’s colours. These days, its great seeing bridesmaids in different styles with the same colouring.  I can’t find a link to anything similar in colouring for you.
  8. I aways think you should have some fun choosing things that might not go noticed until close up. This guy is wearing a freckled designed bow tie. Plus that deep green colouring would go well with the lilac bridesmaid’s dresses.
  9. When I saw this little moss purse ~ I fell in love with it. 100layer cake teaches you how to make one.
  10. Decorate your table with brightly flower patterned material. I saw this and it instantly reminded me of the calico cake.

Game of Thrones Wedding Ideas

GOT Wedding Ideas

Game of Thrones is one of my favourite shows! I have to confess I am a TV addict! Give me crime shows and most of the HBO series over Home and Away or Neighbours any day. So, I just couldn’t get away without creating ideas for your own Game of Thrones Wedding.

  1. This would be perfect wedding cake for Game of Thrones Wedding Theme. I didn’t realise how grey and gold go so well together. This cake is made by Anna Tyler  which is suits the theme really well. I would personally put two crowns on top to represent the bride and groom.
  2. How could you not go past having a Iron Throne chair. For just the small amount of $30,000.00 you could have your own. Again I would make it for two. I am seriously thinking about making this for a formal/prom ride.
  3. Have your man dress up like Jon Snow and relive all your favourite love scenes from the show. You could have someone make it or buy it on eBay.  If you would like another Game of Throne’s character costume, houndmistress seems to make quite a few of the characters from Game of Thrones.
  4. When I saw Michele Carragher’s embroidery  , I fell in love with the dragons and the detail of Sansa’s dress. Unfortunately like most of us, I didn’t realise that most of the dresses on Game of Thrones have some sort of embroidery on it.
  5. Beautiful Purple Invitations with a red wax seal screams Game of Throne’s royalty. You could still keep with the silver /grey and gold colours. Jordan from Corgi Creative shows you how you can create your own version of your coat of arms.
  6. Your Game of Throne’s setting is always important. The set up of how the table is arranged is probably quite different to today’s set up for weddings. You need a venue that is will let you set up sword displays around the walls with antlers, chandeliers and maybe even some wooden horses. It’s a matter of thinking outside the square and using objects that represent that era. You might even hire a few people to act in character while serving drinks and food. Even getting them to act out a scene that includes the bride and groom from part of the Game of Throne series would be memorable. I found this company that could possible help you do this.
  7. How about getting wedding rings that are elegant but represent the countryside of Game of Thrones. I like both the two rings together and the diamond looks like a moon. Ashhilton on Etsy make absolutely beautiful rings and could customise one that represents your ideas of Game of Thrones.
  8. Now I am a huge cupcake fan and these just look amazing. I probably would save my money and make my own cause I would want to spend my money on the venue or a Iron Chair but sometimes you do run out of time. The lovely people at My Wedding Décor sell these Acrylic Wolf cupcake toppers for $3.30 each with a minimum purchase of 10.
  9. Keep the theme going by serving on pewter plates and tying your cutlery with a black velvet ribbon. Get more ideas on your Game of Throne Wedding here
  10. This beautiful wedding dress is not as elaborate as the sansa dress with its detailed embroidered dragons but it still has that colouring and style that would compliment the ‘Game Of Thrones’ theme. The 3D tulle flowers compliment this fairytale styled dress and just create a magical elegance. Just be careful when buying from overseas, it might be better to go to a professional dress-maker and get them to replicate it for you.

Indigenous Wedding IdeasIndigenous-wedding-ideas
On 26th of May we celebrate Sorry Day. National Sorry Day is an Australia-wide observance that acknowledges the impact of Australia’s Stolen Generations. So this is my take with a modern twist on creating your Indigenous Wedding.

  1. A dark chocolate suit with a silky red vest and tie would have your man looking very smart.
  2. Get your man to wear an aboriginal designed bow tie or dress all the groomsmen to look suave on your special day. This link takes you the eBay site and while it does say that it may not post to Australia, I certainly would contact the seller to see if it is possible.
  3. How gorgeous are these rings created with what looks to be an aboriginal design but is stainless Damascus with a 24K Gold overlay. Pat Pruitt creates these beautiful unusual rings reflecting his artist within in a stereotypical world of jewellery.
  4. 4 Why not get your bouquet created in all Australian native flowers using such flowers as Banksia, nuts and eucalyptus leaves and branches. It’s a great alternative to roses.
  5. This three-tiered aboriginal designed cake has all those beautiful rich browns enhanced with a combination of coloured dots and lines from the Aboriginal Culture. It tells a story to their people for generations to come. Some of the different aboriginal tribes around the districts of North Queensland have different coloured dots that represent their tribe. I can’t find who made this cake as it was on www.cakechooser.com.
  6. Get your wedding invitations created by LH Calligraphy on Etsy. She has some beautiful techniques to create calligraphy for all your wedding needs
  7. Pam Hall designed these stunning little timber pill boxes which would just be beautiful to give as a gift to your bridesmaids or to your guests. Go to Australian by design for other designs by different Aboriginal Artists ~ www.australianbydesign.com.au/ or check out their instagram feed~
  8. Using white padded folding chairs with a small flower decoration to enhance the theme. These do seem a little big and it possible could be annoying. Talk with your florist to make it non intrusive on the guest.
  9. This dress was made by Robyn Caughlan and Internationally recognised Aboriginal designer.Her gowns are hand painted creations inspired by her heritage or Australia’s beautiful landscape. http://www.robyncaughlan.com/
  10. 10, I saw Raechel Saunders designs on Etsy and even though this is an original painting it would be very cool use as table names. Please don’t reproduce it if you think it is too expensive. Try and find an alternative image or contact Raechel to negotiate a better price for purchasing more.
  11. When I saw this tie I had to include it in my Indigenous Wedding Ideas. Made of silk and designed by Audrey Napanangka called Wild Coconut. You can find it on the wariina designs website ~
  12. While this is a Mexican red wedding theme, you could easily use this style modified a little to fit your indigenous theme using Banskia flowers and billy balls for your centrepiece.

These are only suggestions and ideas to spur you on to creating a beautiful unique style to celebrate your wedding in an indigenous wedding theme.

Black and White Wedding Theme


I love a deep dark black colour particularly in a dress or in cardboard when I am designing silhouettes in black. It’s got to be so black that you can’t see it or you can’t see any brown in it. One of my goals is to create white on black wedding creations.

  1. Who doesn’t love a white tux with a black bow tie and black trousers? It reminds me of that old 50’s style when smoking was fashionable.
  2. A black wedding dress sound depressing but this vintage wedding dress is gorgeous with corset style back with white ribbons. Notice that you can have an off the shoulder style as well.
  3. These honeycomb style lace up high heels are quite amazing. Just a little different to the normal style a bride would wear with a wedding dress. It is all about being a bit different from everyone else.
  4. Little black and white cupcakes with a small cake for you to eat on your first wedding anniversary. This style makes it easier for the bridesmaids to hand out or for people to take home. You could have cute black cup cake boxes with your names and the date. These were designed by www.rosebakes.com
  5. A black and white diamond ring that is so very unusual. I am not sure of the black stone in the centre but I absolutely love the design of it.
  6. Dress yourself in white and your bridesmaids in black and using white bouquets. Mix it up a bit and don’t be afraid to use black in the most unusual way.
  7. Get the groomsmen to wear white shoes with black soles.
  8. Now here is an invitation that is quite different. You get to choose your meal selection and dish before you even arrive. Colour in the circle to tell the bride and groom who will actually be attending. I think the little symbols are great and fun. Makes the RSVP and interactive reply.
  9. These beautiful bird cut outs are so elegant, which can be your table decorations as well as a place name for your guests. I think your guests would take many of them home as a memento.
  10. This table setting is has beautiful black goblets with white candle centrepieces and black lamps. It’s definitely an interesting combination. It is probably going to be expensive to buy black goblets so you could see if there are any companies that will let you hire them or buy them from overseas. Ask for a sample before purchasing and check what the company will do if you have any breakages.

Carnival Day
Carnival Wedding Ideas

In July we always have our show day or carnival day. My husband and I just love going to eat steak burgers and small cups filled with strawberries and cream sprinkled with icing sugar. After looking at the cake and photography competitions we will go and support local charities like The Lions Club and The Guide Dogs that sell raffle tickets. Most of the time we come home with a few prizes.

  1. I love it when men wear suits. The dark blue suit with a purple collared shirt and grape coloured necktie is very colourful for a wedding but it suits the carnival theme and doesn’t he look dashing. You can get a similar blue suit at Moss Bros.
  2. This beautiful gold carousel centrepiece is just stunning! I found this website which has a Swarovski Ferris wheel music box that plays it’s a small world or buy these cheaper wooden Ferris wheels for a cheaper price and spray them a gold colour.
  3. Vintage styled name cards that a vintage gold key and individual names for seating areas. Buy vintage keys at the ingredientsforlovely etsy shop. It doesn’t matter that they are not the same as it adds a bit of charm. . The image on the card would be easy to replicate and then print your guest names on some canvas cloth and cut it up to attach.
  4. Give your guest little favours made into carnival tents. You can purchase the template from lavenderlimedesigns for $7.31 AUD and print as many as you like. I would probably suggest to print on 200 1 250 gsm white card which you can purchase from Officeworks .
  5. On ruffledblog.com, they show you Sarah and Joe’s wedding using a vintage brooch bouquet. Polka Dot Bride show some beautiful designs by Isabella Armstrong of Design Me Vintage . If I was to get married again, I would definitely go with one of these that you can keep forever. At Juneberry-lane there is a vintage brooch bouquet tutorial to make your own.
  6. A beautiful dreamy wedding cake with old fashion images of hot air balloons on a sky coloured background. YUM!
  7. Be daring and dress your bridesmaids up in these sexy carnival style outfits with blonde wigs and white stocking with red shoes.
  8. Maybe you have and old fashion carousel that you can take all your wedding photos on. Hire the Royal double-decker carousel in Sydney.  It does need a three-day set up and three-day pack down time frame.
  9. Create your wedding invitations in the form of a carnival ticket inspired by the 1950s. Use old fashion images with a creamy brown background.
  10. End the evening with popcorn cupcakes. These cupcakes are from cakecentral.com but here is the link to make your own.

Daffodil Wedding Ideas
Apart from a family birthday, September looks at a more serious subject of cancer. To raise awareness we have daffodil day. When I buy daffodils I think of my mum battling cancer and having to go away for treatment. But the daffodil is such a beautiful flower it should also be celebrated in a very loving way too.

  1. Daffodils, Lily of the Valley, Grape Hyacinths and Jasmine are in this beautiful bouquet 
  2. 2 1I love the colour of this yellow suit. It’s not as bright as a daffodil but it is a subtle type of yellow. AliExpress sells this suit but be wary of sizes and quality when you purchase online.
  3. These gorgeous daffodil cake pops are found on the cake journal website. She has so many different ideas that I am sure if you don’t like these you will find another style that you will love.
  4. Biodegradable confetti from Confetti Lane is the way to go. Beautiful Yellow and White Butterflies that you can use during the wedding ceremony or even to decorate the tables. Try something different and use push pops! I love that this is an Eco friendly wedding company.
  5. On simplebigday.com this colour combination is stunning. Charcoal coloured dresses with that brightly coloured sunshine yellow for the shoes and bouquets. Just think you don’t have to have colourful bridesmaid’s dresses but use pops of your chosen colour elsewhere.
  6. 6 This beautiful yellow organza dress is a quinceaanera dress but it looks so beautiful that I wouldn’t care what the intension was. Although I would probably get someone to make it in your own country and that way you can get fitted properly for it. Better than spending money on something that doesn’t fit which I have heard when friends and family members buy off the net.
  7. Diane at It so cakes and cookies in the UK is a family business making cakes and cookies. She has made this beautiful daffodil cake, which would be just gorgeous as a wedding cake. If you don’t live in the UK check out local cake makers to create for you.
  8. Guys in vests always melt my heart. These groomsmen wear grey vests with yellow ties and Billy Ball boutonniere.
  9. Vintage Wedding Invitations in yellow and grey are a beautiful mix of old and new. The rounded corners on the invitations and thank you cards just make it much more special. You can find them on Paper Pleasures Stationery.
  10. 10 I didn’t think a white and yellow table setting would be so beautifully romantic. Using orchids and billy balls as flowers with a touch of turquoise blue ~ this is a table setting that will have your guest drooling for days after the event.


In Sydney this year Comicon is celebrated in late September at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, so I thought it be great to share some of my ideas for a Comicon Wedding. Who doesn’t love comics or superhereos?

  1. How cute would it be to have this Comic Book Superhero felt bouquet although I am not sure that I am willing to pay $347.00 for it with a $83.00 postage fee. It would be better to make it yourself by buy the different coloured felts and sewing and gluing. Get more inspired by 14 Great Geek Bouquets and boutonnieres ~
  2. 2 These comic book heart garlands are very easy to make yourself. I would pick a colours that match as you cut all the hearts out. So cut out the hearts from the black and white comic sections to keep it consistent if you choose a colour theme. The photo was taken at Emily and Barry’s wedding. Go to wayoutwedding.com to see all the DIY stuff Emily made.
  3. I love these shoes that zekar photography have photographed. I haven’t been able to find out if you can purchase these superhero inspired high heels so you might have to get out your comic books and start decoupage your shoes.
  4. This certainly a subtle way to include superheroes into the men’s suits without having them to rip their shirts open to reveal which superhero they love. The super cute cufflinks can be bought on ebay. So do some serious searching for the ones that are your favourites.
  5. These Roy Lichtenstein Inspired table names are probably something you can make and print yourself. Dayna and Aaron’s wedding have themed their whole wedding around superheroes. Don’t forget to look for the tiny canvases that the guest can colour in. Very very creative!!
  6. This batman cake is pretty amazing and you can certainly create your own version of a batman cake with your favourite characters from the tv series or the movies. I am assuming that the city is made from a black fondant. Lidia Miller who took photos of the batman cake takes beautiful photos for any occasion.
  7. This beautiful comic book flower hair clip was made by Lisa at Ribbons and Tulle. http://klear.com/profile/RibbonsandTulle but I couldn’t find her website so here is a heap of different tutorials to make 20 different paper flowers for your hair clip. http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/2014/07/16/20-pretty-diy-paper-flower-tutorials.html
  8. Star Trek Enterprise Model Ships as your wedding table centrepieces are a great way to decorate your superhero wedding tables. My suggestion would be to buy models from ebay. Some sell them in packs of 12.
  9. How about matching tattoes? My pain tolerance is not good for getting a tattoo but whoever created these superhero tattoos illustrated them beautifully. Not to mention the superman converse with his catch phrase printed on the bottom.



I love Halloween with a passion. When you birthday falls on the last day of the year and everyone can only focus on bringing in the New Year, a children’s birthday party never really happens on this day. So my mum would have a party for me celebrating Halloween. So why not celebrate you wedding with a Halloween theme. It doesn’t have to be black and gory~ mix in purples, whites and reds.

  1. This Halloween setting by the Swank Productions is just amazing. The chair covers are decorated in tree silhouettes’
  2. Scary skulls on a wedding cake. I love the touch of the roses with the black spider web cake. Check out more scary Halloween cakes that can be converted into wedding cakes here ~
  3. Matching bride and Groom cake toppers
  4. Get the bride and groom faces painted for the wedding photos. I think this style of face painting has a touch of class and seems quite beautiful in an eerie type of way.
  5. Centrepieces that include spider webs and miniature candles would compliment the evening. These are featured on weddingomania.
  6. Dita Von Tesses Wedding Dress when she married Marilyn Manson. I love this dress with purple material that changes colour on your every move.
  7. A small grey ring box in the form of a coffin.

Thanksgiving/Autumn Wedding Ideas
Thanksgiving is very American and my family is apart of it. While I don’t always celebrate Thanksgiving, you can create a great wedding theme around it. It gives me a connection celebrating something my U.S. family does every year.

  1.  Create a pathway with Autumn leaves for a pathway and Autumn coloured trees. Preston Bailey ~ is a master at creating beautiful installations for weddings.
  2. Small heart shaped hearts created with wire and orang
  3. How cute are these small pinecones used as place numbers? You need to plan in advance to search for same size pinecones. Happywedd.com gives you 57 pinecone wedding décor ideas that includes this idea.
  4. Autumn inspired Wedding Table Numbers from Weddingomania. In fact they show you 30 cute autumn wedding table numbers.
  5. Wear this Autumn inspired wedding dress that will have everyone talking. happywedingwishes website Elegant-Brown-Wedding-Theme6
  6. This beautiful bontanic Floral Design features on the Bontanica Floral website. They have a passion for flowers and try to recycle every they can. It’s great to find a florist that is concerned about our planet. http://www.botanicafloralpdx.com/Wedding-Gallery.html
  7. This beautiful Fall Themed Wedding cake features on the Pink Cake Box website. http://www.pinkcakebox.com/4-tier-fall-wedding-cake/ They have a ton of Thanksgiving inspired cakes. Unfortunately, they are an America Company so I would contact a local cake maker that would be able to recreate a similar cake. http://www.pinkcakebox.com/gallery/fall-themed-wedding-cakes/
  8. Get your man to wear a beautiful matching brown chocolate suit and tie by Jean-Yves. http://www.tuxonline.com/tuxedos/browntuxedos.html
  9. Shake it up a bit and use fresh fruit like green apples to give that orchard feeling. I could not find the original link for this but found you a post that gives you 15 ideas using twigs and branches for decorations. http://www.shelterness.com/15-original-twigs-and-tree-branches-decor-ideas/pictures/11353

Red and green Christmas Wedding IdeasChristmas-Wedding-IdeasI love December! I get to celebrate a birthday and Christmas and New Year within days of each other. While everyone is in a festive mood, why not create your wedding around it. So here are my ideas for a red and green Christmas wedding theme.

  1. Why not think about using fruit in your bouquet? These are great Christmas colours using red and green. or make and apple rose bouquet.
  2. 2This beautiful paisley tie with matching hankerchief would be great with a black suit. Use a long necktie for the groom and matching bow ties for the groomsmen.
  3. A beautiful three tiered lime green cake that is covered with sugar lace. For a green cake this is very elegant and beautiful. http://www.brides.com/wedding-cakes/Americas-favorite-confections-from-coast-to-coast-174445
  4. Colour code each of your table settings so that can set the scene for your Christmas Wedding. http://findinghomefarms.com/simple-christmas-table-ideas/
  5. 5 Put together these place name candy canes with use a ribbon to give it a bit more elegance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k1pQz7awCA
  6. 6 These dark red taffeta sleeveless bridesmaid dresses are custom made. Think about designing for your bridesmaids in the same colour with a similar length. Keep the all the bridesmaid’s shoes consistent in colour and style. http://www.dhgate.com/product/dark-red-taffeta-sleeveless-bridesmaid-dresses/97213126.html
  7. 7 Even though it’s Christmas that doesn’t mean that your flowers have to look like it belongs on a Christmas Tree. There is also printouts for obaal tags as well. Get more ideas here ~ http://saweddings.com/Florists/TR-Wedding-and-Events-Floral.
  8. 8 This beautiful whimsical wedding dress is something I would pick with it’s green grass velvet bodice embroidered and matching tulle. http://www.invitesweddings.com/b/wedding-theme-go-green.html
  9. The bride’s bouquet is filled with peonies, amaryllis, piano roses, white scabiosa, tulips and pepper berry. Embellishments of ribbon and cotton lace enhance this Christmas Wedding bouquet. This is from a Swedish Christmas Inspired wedding.
  10. Small Hot Chocolate sticks that can be used as gifts for your guests or serve them on the night if it’s a bit chilly. Here’s the tutorial ~
  11. 11 How about an old fashion Xmas postcard to announce your wedding date instead of the traditional wedding invite.
  12. 12 If Ryan Gosling can pull off a green suit then I definitely think it can be used for that lovely husband of yours. You can get a similar suit over at also.

Tell me about your unique style to celebrate your wedding and would you do anything differently?

Wedding Planning Made Easy!

Wedding planning made easy


Congratulations! So you have decided to get married.

Now what? Where do you start? Mentally you are creating lists and will organise yourself to go on one of those websites where they give a yearly plan of when and what to do.

Before you go on Pinterest or other wedding planning websites, it is the key to not get overwhelmed. Organising a wedding starts out with all smiles until each and everyone of your relatives want to tell you when to have it , how many relatives they want to invite, what food you need to have and the list goes on. A wedding is not like going dress shopping, where eventually you will find a perfect dress that you had pictured in your head. It can be stressful and demanding!! I love Pinterest but you better have a good idea before you go on it because there are so many beautiful photos that one or two hours have gone and you realise that you have gotten  sidetracked looking at cute animal photos  that you haven’t pinned any ideas onto your board. You have to make this wedding happen the way you and your partner want it to happen.

I am not going to give you a checklist timeline. My wedding planner is for you and your partner to roughly design your wedding as a whole. Whenever I have a party to plan for, I like to write down what I think it will look like. When I organised my father-in-law’s 80th birthday party which was a sit down dinner for 300 invited guests, I needed a plan! I jotted down colours, what food I thought we could have and what we could eat including sourcing a venue that would fit that many people. I didn’t go into vendors or who was doing what. I just wanted an overall feel of what was going to happen. Things will change and maybe the venue you thought would be a good idea when you wrote on my planning sheet has since decided not to hire out the place anymore. This happened to us when the hall that we thought we could use, doesn’t hire out anymore.

wedding day planner

In the next couple of blog posts, I want to give you Wedding Planner print outs that think about ideas simply and easily.

My first print out gets you to think of the wedding day itself. So let’s think about a rough overview of the ceremony and reception. I also ask you to think about what day you want to get married on. Not necessarily a date but let’s think about when you could get married?
Is it a Saturday or do you think you can save money by having it on a Wednesday or Monday. What is your favourite month to get married? And what year do you think it might happen?

weddingPlaneatDrinkHere is my list of what you need when you use my planner:

  • the one page wedding planner made easy PDF~
  • a cup of tea /coffee or even a small pot ~ if you want to be healthy then probably best to stick with green tea.
  • chocolate~
  • some essential oil ! I am using IKOU lemon myrtle.
  • some earphones to plug into your phone that is easy listening and keeps you focused~
  • a tiny moustache that can help keep the fun in your planning ~
  • a pencil, ruler and eraser if you are a perfect freak like me.

When you have an overall vision for your wedding then I would suggest heading to one of these websites to keep your schedule on track. These sites have great wedding timelines and what you should be working on.

Real Simple
Real Simple is not just about weddings it is about life. It’s a great site that is clean and has a great checklist for your wedding to keep you on track.

I Do

Magnet Street

Easy Weddings

Techrader suggests these very cool wedding apps ~ so much easier with apps that can keep everything in one place.

This book can probably save you a great deal of money. I wish I had it when I was planning.

Martha Stewart ~ The queen of weddings

My next post will focus on your dress style for yourself, your groom and the wedding party. Tell me if this helped you in the comments below.

wedding clickable label